Stephen Burke is a contemporary Irish artist based in Glasgow who recently launched his new exhibition at Atelier Maser.


The exhibition ‘Utility’ runs til July 17, a project which followed up a publication name which he co-authored and released in 2017. The publication was called ‘Buff’ and it “documented and explored the concept of graffiti removal as an art form”, and through his other work with online platform ‘Post-vandalism’, Stephen’s work focuses heavily on the “aesthetics and concepts” of graffiti.

Stephen’s exhibition at Atelier Maser features a new body of work, including a collection of tiled paintings, steel sculptures and a short film which is “informed by, and recollective of the city landscape”.

He’s now released a film that was originally screened in the RHA as part of an event in the lead up to Stephen’s solo show. ‘Buff’ was shot over three years between 2016 – 2019 and is a collaborative work by Stephen Burke and Sean Clarke.

“The film explores ideas about the varied appearances of graffiti removal and examines the ways in which they can be related to social issues within their environment. These ideas are presented in order to instigate a greater interest within our shared public spaces and to challenge traditional ideas which relate to where we can typically find things of artistic merit.”

Check it out in full below.

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