“We hope this will be the catalyst for a cultural paradigm shift which will remove the shackles by which our art form is bound.”


Last night SUBSET launched their Grey Area Exhibition at Point Square in Dublin. It runs until June 28, but they also premiered a new film to further solidify their point with the entire Grey Area Project.

“At present, the system which governs the production of large format artwork within the outdoor realm is unnecessarily complex, arduous and, we believe, prohibitive to the cultivation, evolution and progression of public art culture.”

So say the group of radical thinking street artists who are hellbent on making Ireland’s capital a more vibrant place to live in.

“We believe the reform of, or amendment to, the aforementioned system is required in order to enable the progression and elevation of this outlet of self-expression.

“In order to highlight the issue, garner public interest and support for the matter, and, in an attempt to accelerate the development of a resolution we feel we must take, what we believe will be, an independent revolutionary measure. That measure is this project, film and exhibition.”

You can now watch the film by Trevor Whelan and Rua Meegan in full. Check it out below and sign their petition here after watching the piece if you want to support their cause.

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