“‘We’re All Mad Here’ invites the public to enter a liminal world of fantasies and illusion. A world where whats’its share their daily follies with the public. “


‘We’re All Mad Here’ has been an installation, it’s been a performance, now it’s set to debut in its newest form as a “theatrical experience”.

According to the creators of the piece, the work arises from the concern of intervening in a different space, “a space where a simple decision has the power to transform, showing the daily madness that a person with double joints can suffer”.

“‘We’re All Mad Here’ plants a reality created by two heads wanting to control one body that throughout its journey metamorphs as it keeps arriving at a crossroads. Stemming from the pedagogy of classical corporeal mime and the work of Lewis Carroll this dark and ludicrous work demonstrates internal duality through movement-theatre and visual art.”

The piece takes place in The Fumbally from September 18-19 & 21-24, 8pm – 9pm.

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Video Stills - We're All Mad Here

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