We’re overwhelmed by the response and delighted to have reached our goal. We want to continue to be transparent and if we exceed the target we have thought of a number of ways to give back.

George here again with another update relating to our Kickstarter campaign. I can’t believe that I am writing to let you know that we have hit our Kickstarter goal. Before we go any further, it’s important to state once again how incredibly grateful we are to everyone that has supported District through this difficult time. Our entire team, myself included, are dumbfounded by the position we have found ourselves in.

None of us saw this coming. We thought that if we were ever going to hit the target it would be by the skin of our teeth. The current situation was unimaginable let alone unanticipated. Finding ourselves here has therefore been a little disorientating and we have been scrambling to form a response. I mentioned in my last update that we wanted to be as inclusive and transparent throughout this process so consider this update as your access to the District boardroom.

We are aware that there is still a significant amount of time left on our Kickstarter and we are aware that Kickstarter campaigns in this position often exceed their initial target. We’re not going to pretend that we wouldn’t be delighted if we blew past our initial goal, that would be disingenuous. However, given that our entire campaign is rooted in valuing transparency, reaching a specific goal, and providing additional value to our supporters, we realised it would also be disingenuous to ask for more money having already reached the amount that we had previously determined to be sufficient for a new website. To that end, we felt it was necessary to come out with a formal statement addressing the possibility of exceeding our initial goal.

Though the initial goal was without a doubt, a considerable sum, it is important to note the many different elements it consists of. Firstly, there is the payment to the studio for the design and build of our new website. However, beyond that we also had to factor in the commission taken by Kickstarter, the tax placed on the final sum, as well as the additional costs of our rewards. With all of that factored in, the initial sum was basically budgeted down to the cent. If anything, we slightly under-priced. The one thing we definitely didn’t think we had the privilege to ask for was extra headroom to deal with contingencies: unexpected delays, unanticipated costs, the usual mixed bag of unforeseen cock-ups and banana skins that are inevitable when working on a big project. If any of you have ever been involved in a long-term project or have watched an episode of Grand Designs, you would know that these things happen and in our case, we would be grateful for as strong a financial shield against them as possible. 

Moving beyond the boring stuff, we have also had to make speculative plans for exceeding our goal by a sizable amount. Unfortunately, I cannot provide too many details because we’re dealing with an entirely hypothetical situation but suffice to say that any additional funds will be divided across three pillars. These are: rewards, content, and community. 

First, we want to use any additional revenue to improve the quality of the rewards we have already promised our backers. Of primary concern is making sure that our post-pandemic-party is the best darned bash we have ever thrown. Second, we have working plans to invest additional revenue into a considered and thoughtful video project highlighting the sacrifices made by the true heroes of our time: our front-line staff. Lastly, in the event of us exceeding our sum by over five thousand euro, we want to give back to the community that supported us with the creation of an emerging artist bursary that provides up and coming musicians with access to the tools and mentoring they need to make the next leap forward in their careers. Though District has a proud history of supporting Irish hip hop, this bursary would be open to any act. Regardless of whether you make trad or trap, if we like it, you’ll be considered.

It is important to reiterate that we have no idea how this is going to shake out. As I’ve said time and time again, we weren’t even sure that we would meet our target let alone exceed it. Given that uncertainty, it would be wrong of me to promise anything or to go into specifics for something which I cannot guarantee.  It is also important to state that we are no longer asking for additional funding. We have reached our goal and we are delighted. However, the campaign is still live and there is a possibility of exceeding our initial sum. This letter merely serves as an indication to let you know that we are aware of our position, that we want to be as transparent and inclusive as possible, and that we’re trying our best to come up with solutions that can benefit everyone. 

Yours in overwhelming gratitude.

The District Team

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