A new project is also on the way…


It had been a while since we heard a peep from Wicklow duo Gumshoe. We were first acquainted with their hip hop/electronica/indie hybrid sound in 2016,  but the last we heard from them as a pair was in early 2017 when we caught up with them to discuss how the landscape of their hometown influences their work.

In February one half of Gumshoe returned under the name Shannakie with a track called ‘Wading Water‘. He mentioned that a solo EP was in the works, but he also confirmed to us at the time that Gumshoe would be reuniting for a full length album “at some point this year”.

It appears that ‘Dukk Fatt’, featuring brain-rattling kicks and a vocal sample of the track ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’, is our first taste of that project.

Check it out below.

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