General News / August 8, 2017

20 shows we’re most excited about at Dublin Fringe Festival 2017

General News / August 8, 2017

20 shows we’re most excited about at Dublin Fringe Festival 2017

With the Fringe festival just around the corner, Dublin is gearing up for a colourful and eclectic mix of alternative events that are set to take over the capital.


Here are our picks of the lot across the plains of comedy, music, art and performance. The full list of all the events is available via the Fringe festival’s website, which you can find here.

It runs from September 9-24.

20. End Of.

Taking place in The Gutter Bookshop, ‘End Of.’ is a play that deals with the beginning and end of the universe as we know it, via a bizarre object that gets delivered to a bookshop in which lead characters Siobhán and Drew spend their days working.

Ticket info and more details here.

19.  Why won’t you have sex with me?

Journalist and wheelchair user Louise Bruton explores the presumption that disabled people don’t have sex in an insightful discussion held in the project arts centre, more info here.

18. NEON Western

The Samuel Beckett Theatre plays host to a complex marriage of the tell-tale features of a rave and play as both worlds collide in what’s bound to be a spectacle not to be missed.

Tickets are €11 and can be found here.

17. My Left Nut

Michael Patrick expands on his left testicle which was drained of 400ml of fluid at the age of 17 after years of schoolyard embarrassment at the hands of his condition.

Despite this, a fatherless adolescence is a much more consistent and pressing issue throughout this introverted presentation on a Belfast native’s youth.


Nine Crows and THEATREclub link up to provide an eerie exploration into the world of an abortion waiting room and the mind of an individual at the hands of an oppressive state structure.

A neutral presentation, aimed at those on the fence about the contentious issue.

15. Deadline!

Comedian Conor O’Toole demonstrates a stressful modern day newsroom at the offices of the Dublin Correspondent in what is a deconstruction of how the media cycle of today operates.

More info here.

14.  How to be Angry

The Brazen Ensemble take to the Smock Alley theatre to let out all the pent up anger we all suppress on a daily basis.

In what’s a performance exhibiting the blurred lines between human expectations and animal instinct, sparks will fly.

13. On the Pop

Studio Yum Yum peculiarly mash a tale involving erections and white pigeons into a reactionary art and visual display in the Fumbally Exchange.

12. Alison Spittle, Worrier Princess

RTÉ touted comedian Alison Spittle takes on plenty of the public’s worries in the Bello Bar as she follows up multiple noted shows.

More info here.

11. SLSD

No Kissin’ Ensemble are next up to tackle an electronic music infused performance.

The Complex is laid bare as the Cork collective mash up house tracks with spoken word and southern character for what’s gearing up to be one of the more unpredictable aspects of the festival.

10.Fully Automated Luxury Gender Oasis

The Trans Live Art Salon are taking over the Temple Bar Gallery where “attendees can stop by in the heart of the city and listen to some readings, take part in a queer skill-sharing workshop or just grab a cup of tea if the festival has left you parched”.

Click here for more.

9. Misery Hill: The Songs & Tales of Jerry Fish part one

One of the city’s most colourful musicians takes the stage to blend harrowing tales of youth with equally powerful music in what is an inside look into one of the country’s most unique careers.


In what is an orchestral-like delve into the complexities of bodily limits, self-exploration and music, actress Silvia Calderoni puts all three side by side in what’s a literal and theoretical flexible DJ set and performance.

7. Don’t be looking!!!

Mary Nugent plunges us into a world where inappropriate questions are acceptable and nothing is too taboo to take on.

By doing so, the show highlights the existing but invisible divisions between able and disabled people in society due to society’s conventions.

6. Dear Attracta

Attracta Tension shares her Cork perspective on numerous agony aunt topics put to her, fully equipped with a piano and a dry sense of humour. more info can be found here.

5. Double Decker Bus

With MTV, BBC and RTÉ appearances under his belt, comedian Davey Reilly brings his solo comedy show to the Fringe festival via the Bello Bar.

An existential look at life via Volvos and more, tickets can be found here.


Fried Plantains collective bring an eclectic group of artists together aimed at a crowd of all sorts in a showcase of soul, rap and hip hop in Fibber Magees.

3. Edward [Giegling] Live

D-Light studios continue the production-heavy theme that runs through each electronic music-based event at the festival, with highly touted Giegling-signee Edward at the helm of a Zehr Gut generated show with equal focus on the music and setting.

2. We’re All Mad Here

“‘We’re All Mad Here’ plants a reality created by two heads wanting to control one body that throughout its journey metamorphs as it keeps arriving at a crossroads.”

The piece takes place in The Fumbally from September 18-19 & 21-24, 8pm – 9pm.

Click here for more.

1. Walk For Me

Kate Stanley Brennan plays the role of a Dubliner under the spell of Manhattan’s mesmerising, sometimes questionable but undeniably renowned club scene in the Bewley’s cafe theatre in Powerscourt.