General News / March 27, 2020

5 new singles to soundtrack your weekend

General News / March 27, 2020

5 new singles to soundtrack your weekend

Here’s five new tracks that dropped this week for you soundtrack the start of your weekend.

Artists are doing their bit to bring a sense of normality to the world by simply continuing to drop tracks. While music may not be a remedy to all ailments it provides that little bit of escape to get through the harder times.

With that in mind we’ve lined-up a few different vibes to soundtrack your weekend.

Skripteh – Boyz in the Hood

New Ross spitter Skripteh has taken a more considered approach in his latest effort ‘Boyz in the Hood’. Reflecting on harder times, he isn’t taking anything for granted as he patiently parachutes onto yet another stellar instrumental from mentor and close collaborator New Machine.

Showing no signs of slowing down and without compromising quality, Skripteh is cementing his position as one of the country’s most prolific rappers.

Bobbi Arlo – Breathe

Good Buzz’s Bobbi Arlo newest cut ‘Breathe’ is the perfect anthem for uncertain times. While actually referencing romantic moments the soul-cleansing call to breath is still relevant in the current climate.

Gliding over a simmering synth led instrumental that sounds like Kaytranada meets pop, Bobbi’s vocals provides a much needed massage to any delicate nervous systems.

Uly – cold water

Nearly a year after his first release on Faction Records, Uly has returned with an emotive track that cuts straight to the soul.

Opening with just strings and delicate vocals ‘cold water’ paints a picture of a quaint moment, feeling as though you are a one person audience at an intimate show.

Light a candle, turn off the lights and lose yourself in this one.

April – New Conditions

April has followed up her debut single ‘The Impossible Task of Feeling Complete’, with an equally beautiful record.

Despite doubting her own gut and feeling overwhelmed at times April brings poise and clarity as she yearns for ‘New Conditions’.

Floating over a dreamy instrumental, her delicate tones complement pensive strings. Almost sonically taking a step back, April reflects on a curious situation.

Jordan Adetunji – Close 2 You

Having dropped earlier this month, this one flew under the radar for us.

Belfast’s Jordan Adetunji has shown he’s capable of making radio-ready hits with the release of ‘Close 2 You’.

Bringing smooth vocals and enlisting dance-inducing instrumentals Jordan has edged closer to his final form with this hyper-clean track.