General News / March 23, 2020

A Dublin yoga studio is streaming free lectures, meditation and yoga classes online

General News / March 23, 2020

A Dublin yoga studio is streaming free lectures, meditation and yoga classes online

One of Dublin’s most beloved community yoga and events spaces has moved online. The Space Between are providing complimentary classes to help give your delicate nervous systems a much needed rest.

‘The Space Between’ is a community yoga and events space and in normal circumstances it would have been a place to go for classes and workshops.However, they’ve now adapted and are providing online classes with a full seven day a week yoga and meditation schedule available including family yoga and daily mediations.

Meditation and mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and in the current predicament these online classes are a very valuable resource.

The classes are live streamed on Zoom and can be booked via the Mindbody App and you will subsequently receive an email from The Space Inbetween Team giving you the live link before the class.

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“To see so many of our regular people tuning in online and supporting this initiative is so galvanising for all involved as we try to pivot towards this new way of operating. What’s more, being able to go to a class now and be joined by family members who are living all around the world is creating something quite unique and special at this particular moment.”

Dave adds: “We know for many of us, the yoga mat delivers that place to centre our minds and bodies, to find stillness. We have created such a magical community in The Space Between and in support of everybody, we’ll be streaming live classes for free until the start of April. We have taken the decision to run these complimentary for now, as it feels very appropriate at this moment. However we have some fantastic teachers who, now more than ever, are stepping up and we have a Patreon (donations) page and Paypal set up so please feel free to support however you can, there’s no pressure for anything at all.”

Here’s an overview of the complimentary offerings:

Mon to Sun Live Stream Yoga classes – log in early and chat to the teachers.

  • Family Yoga every morning – 2 x 15 minute classes for all the fam to help break up home schooling.
  • Daily Meditations broadcasted from Dublin and Berlin for added Zen. -Various workshops live streamed by their regular teachers now stationed as far away as NYC.
  • White Rabbit – a curious book club, online. -Jungian Lecture series – an interactive exploration of Jungian Psychology.
  • Mind over Matter – a series of experiential and practical interactive lectures designed to help you:

– Better understand your make up.
– Reduce stress and build resilience and capacity.
– Navigate to a more grounded, engaged and happier future state.

You can join their Patreon page and leave a donation here.

Click here for their website