Music / January 8, 2021

Adam Garrett shares debut EP ‘Casual’

Photo: Clare Lyons
Music / January 8, 2021

Adam Garrett shares debut EP ‘Casual’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Brighten up your weekend with an infectious new record courtesy of Adam Garrett.

Production maestro Adam Garrett has stepped out from behind the boards with his debut EP Casual.

Blending elements of disco and funk with infectious hooks Adam Garrett makes sun-kissed anthems for brighter days. Dropping via andfriends Records, the four track EP was recorded entirely in lockdown and is a exciting debut that whets the appetite for more lucid rhythms.

“It wasn’t until the last month or so that I really gave them full form,”
Garrett says.

“I liked the idea of living with the tunes for a while, before
putting down the vocals and lead instrumentals close to the end of the
process. I felt like it was practice almost.”

“The majority of the focus went into the melodic side of the writing, to be honest, with the lyrics coming much later. I wanted to capture four different styles, with an underlying feeling and sound. Lyrically, after the majority of the music was recorded, I decided to write about one particular night that ended months of indecision and confusion.”

Listen to Casual below: