General News / March 5, 2021

All hail @EnyaComments, our new favourite Twitter page

General News / March 5, 2021

All hail @EnyaComments, our new favourite Twitter page

Words: Dylan Murphy

The comment section on Enya’s Youtube videos attracts a different breed of fans and we are here for it.

For one reason or another, some artists just have a magnetic energy that attracts people from the darkest corners of the internet.

Youtube comment sections are a weird and wonderful hub that connects stans, your da’s cousin after he’s had one too many drinks and people telling stories you never asked to hear. You’ve probably seen @UkRaveComments on Twitter and their glorious screenshots of the greatest comments under videos for classic anthems.

Well now, we have a genuine contender for best curator of comments.

@EnyaComments recently popped up on our timeline and it’s keeping us
~Z E N~ in these trying times.

The Ulster songwriter almost has mythological status online and a recent piece on Pitchfork detailed her influence and captured the allure of Enya when it said, “Maybe it is because her many-layered catalog is so sad and healing at once, or because it makes the complex work of being indefinitely alone sound easy.”

Whatever way her healing powers manifest, they have an almost unshakeable hold on inhabitants of her comment sections and we’d like to make your evening just a little bit better by going through our favourites, enjoy:

We stan an emotionally available male.
“and of coarse sex”.
Wake up sheeple.
Restore starlit skies, reduce light pollution, stream Enya, profit?
Queue it up right next to ‘hips don’t lie’.
Why did I read this in Borat voice?
Enya literally birthed a new colour, haters will say it’s fake.
The great debate of our time.
yeah, answer that.

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