Food / May 10, 2021

Allta announce the end of their AlltaBox

Food / May 10, 2021

Allta announce the end of their AlltaBox

By Emily Mullen

When All(ta)s said and done

13 months on and over 10,000 food kits later Allta has decided to end their AlltaBox offering. The Allta team announced the news over Instagram, advising their customers that this weeks menu will be their last.

We have decided to finish on a high,” they wrote, “your support throughout this has been utterly incredible and we have been so happy to bring even a small bit of happiness to each and everyone that dined with us at home during this last year.”

The end of the Allta box heralds a break for the team and some time for them to figure out “how to be a restaurant again” they wrote.

Launching in November 2019 in the corner of Setanta Place, Allta received rave reviews and acclaim before being flung into a pandemic while still in its infancy. Shortly after closure, the team launched AlltaBox, which soon became the go-to food kit for Dubliners.

Always thoughtfully assembled and generously portioned, the Allta team provided a no-frills take on meal kits that frequently saw them selling out within hours.

Allta are based in 101 Setanta Place, for more information follow them on Instagram.

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