Food / March 16, 2021

Alternative food to order for Saint Patrick’s Day

bread41 dublin illustrate people waiting @bread41dublin
Food / March 16, 2021

Alternative food to order for Saint Patrick’s Day

By Emily Mullen

Forget your typical Paddy’s day feed of €12 soggy chips, this feast day treat yourself to something a little different.

This Patrick’s Day will undoubtedly be different from the rest. While it may be the second year that it’s held during a lockdown, this year a range of Irish businesses have diversified their takeaway options, created at-home set menus, and have come up with brand spanking new products for the adoring public around their 5kms. So banish those nightmares of hairy bacon and cabbage dinners from your mind and take advantage of these Dublin businesses doing something a little different this feast day:

  • Rouse yourself for a Bread 41 sausage roll. While the origins of the sausage roll are disputed, they are certainly a feature of Irish daily life. Some of the best sausage rolls in Dublin can be found in Bread 41. So rouse yourself early, and join the queues along Pearse Street for a sausage-filled delight. While the pork-filled roll is the star, there’s also a pretty damn good veggie one on the go too. In case you aren’t arsed waiting, Bread 41 also do deliveries, see here.
  • Select a scone from Peperina Garden Bistro. Forget your triggering memories of endless batches of scones made during home economics class, and select a scone from Peperina Garden Bistro’s ample selection. The Ranelagh bistro frequently has several types of scones, including the “scone of the day” for those who want to live on the wild side. You can pop into their premises or get the scones (alongside other patriotic things like porridge, the full Irish, and brown bread) delivered, for more info check out their website.
  • Grab a salmon platter from Boujee Bites. Every Irish culinary experience worth their curing has to include smoked salmon, and Boujee Bites is no exception. The newly launched snack-concept delivery service is offering a Patrick’s Day salmon special. This salmon platter is just that, organic fish served on soda bread with lemon and some class of pickle on the side. Boujee Bites just do deliveries, see their website for more details here.
  • Say hello to a PROPER 12 Hun Bun from Cluck Chicken. This Walkinstown-based food truck is offering an intense Patrick’s Day feed, in the form of the PROPER 12 Hun Bun. It’s the husband and wife team’s take on a bacon and cabbage dinner, in a bun. Fried chicken is joined in a toasted potato bun with Proper 12 cured bacon, cabbage slaw, and topped with a radioactively green parsley mayo. All sales proceeds of the PROPER 12 Hun Bun will be donated to local charity WALK’s vision. For more details catch the cluckers on Instagram.
  • Tip-over to The Washerwoman for some crispy mackerel and spuds.
    This dish is a great one for fans of Irish cuisine or people who feel like they probably should eat something a bit Irish on Patrick’s Day. Crispy mackerel served with baby spuds, cucumber linguini, crab mayonnaise, and nduja butter. It’s not just for March 17th, as fans of The Washerwoman will tell you, different iterations of this dish can frequently be found on the menu. You can order this dish and others including a very green-looking watercress salad here.
The Washerwoman
  • Purchase some potted crab from the Winding Stair. This dish of Dingle Bay crab with pickled cucumbers and treacle bread is quintessentially Irish. It’s also been on the Winding Stair’s menus since day one, where representatives of the Winding Stair say they “have never ‘been allowed’ to take it off by our customers”. You can order it and a nice Irish artisanal cheeseboard if you are feeling particularly patriotic from their website here.
  • Order yourself the Back To Dine set menu. The seven-course set menu offering from Temple Garner is an incredible overview of contemporary Irish cuisine. The on-season menus feature everything from seaweed salad, pickled fennel, trout pate, Castletownbere crab, Connemara air-dried lamb, to forced rhubarb and hot cross bun bread & butter pudding. Back to Dine operates out of San Lorenzo’s on South Great Georges Street, for more information see the website.

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