Music / June 11, 2021

Ama Millieir returns with ‘Getting What I’m owed’

Ama Millieir by Garth Stacks
Music / June 11, 2021

Ama Millieir returns with ‘Getting What I’m owed’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The Longford crooner has levelled up with new visuals.

It’s been a minute since Ama Millieir dropped fresh visuals. In fact, the video for ‘Queen Latifah’ was the last time, but now, he’s back with a vengeance.

Today’s he’s shared visuals for ‘Getting What I’m Owed’.

Speaking on the track, Ama said, “During a conversation with a friend we started talking about being successful and what we would do to obtain it. When I heard the beat production from Sahara the inspiration from that conversation spawned the idea of getting what I’m owed.”

“For the video which was produced and directed by Garth Stacks, we wanted to capture the theme of getting what I’m owed. We took references from old medieval movies and costumes to come up with our shot concepts and visuals ideas.”

“The process of creating has been tedious these last 12 months due to the lack of inspiration during these current times but I always managed to find pockets of inspiration from doing regular things like looking at the sky, watching movies, listening to music and meet up with friends.”

Watch the video for ‘Getting What I’m Owed’ below:

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