Entertainment / September 22, 2022

Celebrate Halloween early with a spooky Merrion Square screening

Image: Night of the Living Dead
Entertainment / September 22, 2022

Celebrate Halloween early with a spooky Merrion Square screening

Words: Ellen Kenny

It’s never too early to get spooky.

Image Ten is hosting a screening of quintessential horror film “Night of the Living Dead” on Friday September 30 in Merrion Square. It might be a whole month before Halloween, but real life is already so scary, you might as well enjoy some good old, manufactured spook as well.

Kicking off at 18:30, the screening will be accompanied by haunting live music by composers Stephen Shannon and Matthew Nolan. The two music producers will perform their own new score to accompany this iconic horror film.

Matthew and Stephen are also preparing to head to the New York Film Festival on October 12, where they will provide a new score to accompany the 50th anniversary screening of science fiction touchstone “Solaris”.

“Night of the Living Dead” tells the story of a group of individuals who take refuge in an abandoned house when corpses begin to leave the graveyard in search of fresh human bodies to devour. Just imagine all the people you see in your nearest Apache after a night out, and that’s the threat our heros are dealing with.

Back at its 1968 premiere, the film garnered a lot of controversy when young children were traumatised after watching the film. As the MPAA film rating system had not yet been introduced, children of all ages attended the screening, and received a nasty shock. Film critic Roger Ebert recalled, “The movie had stopped being delightfully scary about halfway through, and had become unexpectedly terrifying. There was a little girl across the aisle from me, maybe nine years old, who was sitting very still in her seat and crying.”

So maybe don’t take any kids to this spooky screening.

Image Ten and Happenings are encouraging all attendants to arrive by bike, Luas or bus. They are also offering their own general and recycling bins and are asking all attendants to “leave no trace” of rubbish. Because there’s nothing more spooky than harming the environment.

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