Food / July 21, 2021

Date of indoor drinking and dining reopening announced by Government

Food / July 21, 2021

Date of indoor drinking and dining reopening announced by Government

Words: Emily Mullen

The news comes some weeks after the June 29th announcement that the indoor dining date would be pushed back due to concerns over the Delta variant modelling. Cabinet has now agreed upon a system that allows for the verification of vaccination or immunity from Covid in pubs and restaurants.

Taoiseach has confirmed that indoor dining is to reopen on 26th for fully vaccinated and Covid-recovered people, says regulations are being worked on.

President Michael D Higgins earlier signed the Health Amendment No 2 Bill, paving the way for indoor reopening.

Speaking to reporters, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said there would be a maximum of six people per table who will “need to wear masks as they walk around”.

“There will be mechanisms to allow them to go outside and back in again, a sort of a stamp mechanism,” he added.

As part of the reopening, businesses will be expected to conduct vaccine assessments for customers entering indoors.

Varadkar also spoke of the app, which the Government are currently developing which will allow proprietors to scan the Covid digital pass in order to “verify” them.

Taking on NPHETs advice regarding social distancing, Varadkar said “people who are fully vaccinated indoors don’t need to observe social distancing but because there will be children there and staff that aren’t fully vaccinated we [the government] will continue to apply those rules and regulations around social distancing.

As yet there has been no information about time limits, closing times, or the installation of CO2 monitors on premises.

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