General News / January 16, 2020

Dublin’s essential events this weekend 17//18//19

General News / January 16, 2020

Dublin’s essential events this weekend 17//18//19

Still plenty to warm the spirits this weekend.

With ‘Blue Monday’ approaching you’d be forgiven for thinking it’d be best to stay in and keep yourself warm. However, there are plenty of events across city to bat away the January blues. We’ve lined up some classic film screenings, DJ battles and free parties, so grab a coat and enjoy.

Friday 17 January

Where Good Friends Meet – The Bernard Shaw – 21.00 – 01.30
Where good friends meet

Where Good Friends Meet returns for its 23rd edition. Returning to their home of The Bernard Shaw with its residents for the night. Including:

Calum K
Blaze Mo’

It’s free in all night too!

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DJ Puffinho – The Big Romance – 20.00 – 01.00

DJ Puffinho

Tadhg Byrne (aka DJ Puffinho), the originator behind Junior Spesh and co-founder of Sim Simma will be playing a rare all-vinyl set of influences in The Big Romance on Parnell Street.

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Adamant – Encore – 22.30 – 02.30



Kildare native Adamant heads to Encore Naas this weekend to shell the place with some stellar selection skills.

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Saturday 18 January

Jungle & Cans w/ Commix [Metalheadz] – Wigwam – 22.30 – 03.00

jungle and cans (1)

The guys behind Techno & Cans have switched things up this weekend bringing D&B hero and pioneer COMMIX to Dublin, where he plays Wigwam basement.

Support on the night from local lads M:Con B2B Panda and Rise [B-Origin B2B Ethos]

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Lee Fields & the Expressions – Button Factory – 19.30

Lee Fields and the Expressionists
A legend in soul music, Lee Fields has been working with the Expressions since 2019, releasing an album in the same year. He’s been releasing music since the 60s and has a catalog to make even the most prolific artist jealous.

He plays the Button Factory this Saturday.

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Enter the Dragon 35mm – The Lighthouse Cinema – 22.30 – 00.30

Enter the dragon

“The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.”

The Legendary Bruce Lee. Unknown in 1971. Two years later, an international cult hero and twenty years on still remembered as the star of the biggest martial arts epic ever filmed – Enter The Dragon.

Head to the Lighthouse Cinema for a viewing of the 70s classic.

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Homebeat Selects : Hales Lake – Gadget & The Cloud – Niall Ó – The Bernard Shaw – 21.00 – 01.30

homebeat selects

The first of the selects series in 2020 features a mix of hefty talent. Kicking off with the shoe-gaze and slow-core noise-rock sounds of Hales Lake.

Followed by experimental sounds of Gadget and the Cloud who is on selection duties until midnight.

From midnight Homebeat’s own Niall Ó will guide you into the night atop the finest of hip-hop, house, and disco vibes.

Free in as always.

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DJ Wastefellow vs DJ Kean Kavanagh – Luckys – 20.30 – 00.30


wastefellow vs kean kavanagh


Two of Soft Boy Records finest selectors are being putted against each other for the title of world’s greatest DJ.

Wastefellow or DJ Kean Kavanagh will be spinning a wild selection of tunes. It’s Lucky’s birthday weekend and it’s free in, what more could you want?

Loads of wholesome vibes.

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Sunday 19 January

Brass Eye Night – Oxide Ghosts – The Sugar Club – 19.30 – 22.30
Brass Eye

To celebrate the ground breaking comedy series, first broadcast in January 1997, The Sugar Club presents a night devoted to all things Brass Eye.

You actually get to vote on the episode you want to see projected on the big screen too!

Made from hundreds of hours of unseen material from his personal archive, director Michael Cumming’s film shares insights into the process of making the legendary TV series Brass Eye. Michael directed both of the pilots and the series and, over a two year period, witnessed the highs and lows of Brass Eye from a very personal perspective.

The film is designed solely for live screenings and is made up almost entirely of never before seen footage. Oxide Ghosts carries the blessing of Chris Morris and provides a rare glimpse of his extraordinary working practices.

Following the screening the Director will spill some information on Brass Eye and answer questions from the crowd.

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