Music / January 25, 2021

Evans Junior links up with Celaviedmai in video for ‘Dry Ass Pinty’

Music / January 25, 2021

Evans Junior links up with Celaviedmai in video for ‘Dry Ass Pinty’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The pair gave a nod to Cardi B in their new music video encouraging people to enjoy dry January this year.

January can be grim at the best of times. It’s dark, everyone is skint and the effects of new year’s seem to always linger deep into the following week. The coalescence of all these factors results in a pretty rough introduction to the new year and often people will try to save some pennies and beat away any additional stress by staying off the drink for a month.

However, while going sober for the first 31 days of the year can often make for a long and boring month, Irish rappers Evans Junior and Celaviedmai have joined forces for a much-needed boost of serotonin.

DAP‘ (Dry Ass Pinty), sees the pair head to a shop to grab a hangover cure before copping a non-alcoholic So.Beer. Meanwhile, lockdown Twitter legend and perpetual piss-taker Michael Fry also makes a cameo as the worker behind the counter in the shop. Later, Evans’ and Mai’s bars are complemented by a slew of Irish talent dancing throughout the video.

So.Beer teamed up with Evans, Mai and Michael to celebrate and support Irish talent in a time where creatives have suffered massively. Through their tongue in cheek lyricism and ability to serve a vibe, they’re encouraging people to look after themselves and lay off the gargle during January.

A health-boosting lager, that is non-alcoholic, So.Beer has built-in immune support and has been proven to combat the effects of stress in over 50 scientific studies. Couple this with the fact it includes no artificial flavouring it’s basically the perfect guilt-free treat this January.

Speaking about the new video, Catherina Butler, Joint CEO said:

“The DAP message is what we all need to hear in Ireland this January. Lots of us overdo it during Christmas, and especially with the challenges that we faced in 2020, a Dry January is more important than ever! It’s important to kick start the year in a healthy way and So.Beer offers a delicious, healthy alternative to alcohol that can support your Dry January efforts and indeed enjoy throughout the year’’

“In creating the DAP video, we wanted to showcase the best in young Irish rap and dance talent. Taking inspiration from one of the most well-known rap tracks of 2020, we want DAP to be an anthem for health and wellness in 2021!

Watch the video for ‘Dry Ass Pinty’ below:

So.Beer is available to purchase online and in your local store.