Music / March 18, 2021

First Listen: The Line shares otherwordly ‘Stagnant Water’ Nnux Remix

Music / March 18, 2021

First Listen: The Line shares otherwordly ‘Stagnant Water’ Nnux Remix

Words: Dylan Murphy

To mark the year anniversary of The Line’s album Matter, it’s been reworked and will land with an additional album map and listening guide. Ahead of the release, we are delighted to premiere Nnux’s stunning remix of ‘Stagnant Water‘.

Often the way we digest music is dependent on how our psyche is reacting to the world around us. Given the state of global anxiety, we find ourselves in, existing works have been given a fresh perspective and lens through which we can attach meaning.

Last year, The Line aka Brain Dillion released his debut album Matter just before the world came to a halt, pulling the breaks on the rollout of the piece. Made from the isolated confines of his seaside bedroom, it felt like a foreboding and prophetic glimpse into the new normal for creators in the year to come.

Matter‘s rollercoaster of emotions reflects the bittersweet experience of ending a relationship that’s days were numbered. Coupled with disparate sounds influenced by the relentless barrage of the coastal winds and the crashing of waves that cornered his bedroom it’s a body of work that encourages resilience in the face of adversity.

With that in mind and the new lens through which the album can be experienced through, The Line invited remixes from a number of artists from across the globe to craft a reimagined version of the album that intentionally guides the listener through difficult times.

In addition to the reworked tracks, the piece will drop with an additional album map and listening guide. The guide was written by The Line and features stunning artwork and design from Lia Wright. The album map comes in the form of an A3 poster on recycled paper and the listening is a small A5 booklet, also printed on recycled paper.

Ahead of the release of the reimagined Anti-Matter album, we’re delighted to premiere the remix of ‘Stagnant Water’ that comes courtesy of Mexican producer Nnux. Featuring stretched and metallic synths, it provides an otherwordly and atmospheric pallete for The Line’s emotive vocals to rest upon.

Speaking on the album The line said:

“The decision to re-release the recorded was at least partially influenced by the pandemic. It was originally released in late February 2020 and so, many of the promotional plans for it were ruined.”

“However, it also occurred to me that the record may be more relevant in 2021. After all, it was written in a period of self-isolation, as an attempt to transform the negative emotions I was going through into some form of catharsis. In fact, the listening guide is subtitled “A step by step guide of how to turn something bad into something good’.”

“The album map and accompanying listening guide are an attempt to visualise, verbalise and solidify the journey I went through making the record and (hopefully) the journey of listening to the record.”

Additionally, he noted that “Water is used as a metaphor throughout the entire album. In particular, the currents of the sea represent change and progression. ‘Stagnant Water‘ is not about that. It is about not doing the thing you know that you should do, for a long time… hoping that somebody else will take responsibility.”

Listen to ‘Stagnant Water’ below:

Click here to order the album and the listening map.

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