Food / September 20, 2022

Food on the Edge Announce Full Line Up

Food / September 20, 2022

Food on the Edge Announce Full Line Up

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Food on the Edge International is a two-day symposium that takes place annually in Ireland. It is for chefs and food enthusiasts all around the world who want to create a better global network.

Founded by JP Mc Mahon Food On The Edge International returns to Airfield Estate, Dundrum in Dublin on Monday 17 and Tuesday, 18 October, 2022.

Speakers include international stars such as, Chet Sharma, Alice Zaslavsky and Selassie Atadika.

Selassie Atadika spent over a decade spent engaged in humanitarian work with the United Nations. She spent years of self-teaching in the culinary arts before completing course work at the Culinary Institute of America. Her company Midunu, a nomadic and private dining enterprise in Accra embodies ‘New African Cuisine’.

Alice Zaslavsky is a broadcaster, author, vegelante and Australia’s friendliest voice in food.  

Chet Sharma’s culinary intrigue, coupled with his academic and scientific interests, have made for an impressive and expansive career in hospitality. During his university studies, which led to a PhD in physics from the University of Oxford. From there he went on to work in London’s leading Michelin-starred restaurants.

Home grown talent includes Lily Ramirez Foran who wrote Tacos, Jess Murphy of Kai Galway and Author of Cookies, Conor Halpenny – the head chef of Square Dundalk and more.

Speakers are chosen for their passion, drive, and their ability to inspire chefs around the world. They are leaders that we look up to for inspiration. It is important for us to create a sense of continuity. Rather than only invite new chefs to discuss the future of food, each year a number of past speakers will return to reflect on their previous presentations and assess the change or development of their thought and practice. 

Get your tickets from seventy-five euros here.

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