Art and Design / July 1, 2022

Get Paid to Design a Billboard for the Project Arts Centre

choy creates
Art and Design / July 1, 2022

Get Paid to Design a Billboard for the Project Arts Centre

Words: Ciarán Howley
Images: choy creates

Whip It Up and Start Again is a new initiative from the Project Arts Centre, asking artists to channel what Dublin means to them (and get paid for it). 

Start talking and start doing, or so goes the mantra of Whip It Up and Start Again. Brought to you by the Project Arts Centre, the scheme offers artists around the country an opportunity to go to town on their billboard in Temple Bar. 

For fifty years, the theater has been facilitating cultural conversation through performance, and now it asks artists to do the same through visual art. 

The brief asks entrants to channel what Dublin means to them, and what they mean to Dublin for the billboard redesign. In case you haven’t noticed, Dublin is losing more and more of its recreational spaces by the day. Whip It Up wants a redesign that will stir conversation about social issues in contemporary Dublin and advocate for protecting the city’s already-shrinking cultural meeting points. 

Whit It Up and Start Again
choy creates

Two successful artists will have their work on display for four weeks, to be also featured on the Project Arts Centres’ social media and website. Winners will also receive a 600 euro prize. Not too shabby at all.


Content-wise, the brief is wide open; from graphic design, visual art, illustration and even memes. Yes, you read correctly. Even memes.

Bear in mind the dimensions are 420 x 220 cm, in case you were planning a life-size screen print of the Spire.


The final day to submit work is Monday 4 July. Be sure to include a CV / artist bio and a written, audio or video piece explaining the concept behind the design. Entrees can be submitted to Successful shortlisted applicants will be contacted on the 8th of July. 

Who Can Enter?

While everyone is welcome, Project is encouraging ethnic minorities, working class folk, refugees, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ artists to apply this year

The centre has pledged its commitment to diversity and accessibility and it asks any barriers to entry it can help with to be included in applications.

Hit the link for more info.

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