General News / October 3, 2019

Get to know: August 08

General News / October 3, 2019

Get to know: August 08

Bowling with Rich Brian, his vlog series and his plans for the rest of 2019.

‘Get to know’ is the essential series introducing your future favourite artists. Providing snappy conversations to familiarise yourself with exciting up and comers and featuring short questions, it’ll give you a brief insight into their inspirations, tastes, guilty pleasures and hopefully encourage you to dig into their tunes.

This week we spoke to Red Bull Records/88 Rising’s August 08. The Californian artist has major song writing credits for the likes of G-Eazy and DJ Khaled however he’s now coming to his own as a solo artist and recently released his sophomore EP ‘Happy Endings With an Astericks’. He spoke over email about his friendship with DUCKWRTH and bowling on tour with Rich Brian.

How has 2019 treated you so far?

It’s been great, I recouped my publishing deal, God is wonderful.

On ‘Father’ and your latest project ’Happy Endings With an Asterisk’ you lay your emotions out pretty plainly, has it always been easy for you to do so?

No, putting emotions into songs is my therapy. I’m challenging myself every time.

Tell me about the vlog series, was that a way of giving fans a greater insight to you as a person?

Absolutely, I wanted everybody to see how human and fun I am also how dusty my clothes are.

Who were some of your earliest inspirations in music?

Dwele, Black Tie aka Tyrese jk, did you know that was his rap album he dropped lol?

How would you describe your music to someone that hasn’t listened to it before?

Sad nigga music mixed with emotional literacy.

You have Duckwrth on your latest project, how important was it to involve a close friend on a such a personal project?

How do you know me and Duck friends? Lol Duck is a part of my life and definitely a huge factor in me becoming an artist.

What are your hopes for ‘Happy Endings With an Asterisk’ ?

I don’t really have any, I just want people to listen.

‘Happy Endings With an Asterisk’ is sonically intense and the shorter length gives the listener no time to breath, was this intentional?

Yes! Cliffhanger to another project I’m dropping soon.

What can we expect from you on tour with Rich Brian?

Bowling in a bunch of different cities! My intro to the tour will be me bowling lol.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Dropping new music with sick visuals!

Listen to ‘Happy Endings With an Asterisk’ below:

Photo credits: Mancy Gant