Music / February 23, 2022

Irish Gig of the Week: Denise Chaila

Photo Credit: Shane Serrano
Music / February 23, 2022

Irish Gig of the Week: Denise Chaila

Words: Dylan Muphy

Jack Daniel’s and District share an authentic love for music culture and we thought who better to team up with to celebrate the return of live music. Every week, we’re handpicking the must attend show in the capital, ranging from underground rappers in dimly lit rooms to rising stars on sold out tours.

You’d have to be sleeping under a rock to have missed the meteoric rise of Denise Chaila. Capturing the hearts and minds of the country during lockdown with her iconic performance for Other Voices in the National Gallery of Ireland, Denise quickly confirmed her status as one of the planet’s most exciting new rappers.

It’s been full steam ahead ever since, with her project Go Bravely becoming the first mixtape to win the RTÉ Choice Prize since the rules were changed and her single 061 becoming a badge of honor for the city that raised her.

Now, she’s heading to the capital for her biggest headline show to date.

Denise Chaila plays The 3Olympia Theatre on Friday 25 February, Click here for tickets.

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