Music / November 17, 2021

Irish gig of the week: For Those I Love

For those I love by Faolán Carey
Music / November 17, 2021

Irish gig of the week: For Those I Love

Words: Dylan Murphy

Jack Daniel’s and District share an authentic love for music culture and we thought who better to team up with to see out the year and celebrate the return of live music. Every week, we’re handpicking the must attend show in the capital, ranging from underground rappers in dimly lit rooms to rising stars on sold out tours.

Listening to music during lockdown was weird. Having your experience reduced to solo sessions in your gaff or the in ear soundtrack to your government mandated walk has the ability to take the punch out of even the most visceral cuts. However, David Balfe’s For Those I Love project pierced through peak lockdown brain fog with raw and emotive songs crafted in his mam’s shed in homage to his late friend Paul Curran. 

In a time where the word ‘livestream’ resulted in eye rolling and people were crying out for ‘normal’ gigs again, his performance on Jools Holland, which saw him stand isolated on a bare stage and perform to an empty room became an exception to people’s desires.

Dropping to critical acclaim and throwing its name in the hat for end of year lists everywhere, For Those I Love’s self titled album landed with a lore of its own, with the original record hitting streaming services a year before only to be removed and re released at a time where people needed something that brought a shared sense of connection – even if it was loss.

Since its release, Overmono have remixed ‘I Have A Love’ and the Dublin writer and producer headed out on a UK tour.

For Those I Love plays the 3Olympia Theatre on Wednesday 17 November.

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