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Music / March 2, 2022

J Smith is strengthening paternal bonds in ‘Skipping Stones’

J Smith, Photo Credit: Sussanah Appleby
Music / March 2, 2022

J Smith is strengthening paternal bonds in ‘Skipping Stones’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Landing ahead of a new three track EP, the Dublin-based songwriter has shared another intimate invitation to his inner psyche.

The past two years have been a period of rapid transformation for J Smith. Beginning his journey as a solo artist in 2020 after Gypsies on the Autobahn called it a day, he also shared his debut album, (…) And you chose not to laugh. Couple this with the songwriter becoming a father for the first time and it’s fair to say the past couple of years have been busy.

It’s the latter development and the loss of his own father at a young age, that inspired his new release ‘Skipping Stones’. Speaking on the track he says, “On a walk with my wife  I was overcome with a thought that I might never write another song about my father again, and it spurred the creation of ‘Skipping Stones‘, made all the more significant having become a new father myself recently.” 

“It has been hard to find time to get these songs together, becoming a new father myself. But I think the time has been invaluable to get a good perspective and deeper connection to my own father which made it all the more humbling finishing this body of work. I think it gives people a different side to myself to hear before embarking on my second album.’

It’s the first of three tracks from the forthcoming Three Dots EP which lands on April 20 and comes after collaborations with ZASKA, Tolü Makay, Stevie Appleby, Nnic, Audible Chocolate, and Big Sleep ahead of releases this year.

Listen to ‘Skipping Stones’ below:

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