Food / September 9, 2021

Kano launches his own rum ‘Duppy White’

Food / September 9, 2021

Kano launches his own rum ‘Duppy White’

First Mariah now Kano

Created in partnership with Duppy Share Caribbean Rums, Kano has unveiled his own drink, a white rum called Duppy White.

The bottle is the brand’s first 100% Jamaican Rum, and the flavour profile is drawn from Kano’s “sensory experiences of his childhood memories” of travelling from London to his family’s home in Brownstown, Jamaica.

Drawing on textures like Guinep shells, Kano was inspired by tastes like the coconut drops his mam brought on long journeys, Devon House vanilla and raisin ice cream and his mam’s favourite Julie Mangoes.

This combination of flavours has been combined with things like bright banana, green thyme, smooth caramel sweetness, lively tropical fruits and pimento spice.

The bottle label is inspired by a 7-inch vinyl, and depicts scenes integral to Kano’s life, from images of Manor Road, his barbershop in East Ham to Robins Pie & Mash shop, his local Caribbean shop as well as Rex Club in Stratford where he performed his early sets.

The back of the bottle features an illustrated Empire Windrush ship, as well as a lyric of Kano’s, “Every entrance to a door, has a footprint left by the ones that came before. Let’s talk about the day the wind was rushed up on the shore’”– an acknowledgement of the countless untold stories and cultural influence and contribution of the Windrush generation on London and the UK.

“This drink comes from me,” Kano said, “this is my life, my family’s story inside this bottle, and wrapped around this bottle.”

Founded in Notting Hill in 2015, The Duppy Share aimed to reflect the energy and excitement of the Caribbean and is named after the mischievous, rum loving Duppies of Caribbean folklore.

The name comes from the mischievous spirits called Duppies swoop between the distilleries, stealing the best of the rum, the rum they steal is called The Duppy Share, and they use this to fuel the most epic of parties.

The 40% abv Duppy White is currently on sale in Tescos across the UK, whether it will be rolled out in Ireland is unknown, for more information visit the Duppy website.

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