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/ May 20, 2021

Kojaque is falling too fast in ‘Wickid Tongues’

Photo Credit Joshua Heavens
/ May 20, 2021

Kojaque is falling too fast in ‘Wickid Tongues’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The Soft Boy Records rapper has shared another jazzy cut ahead of his debut album Town’s Dead.

As we edge closer to the June 25 release for Kojaque’s debut album Town’s Dead, he’s given another taster of what’s to come.

Wickid Tongues’ sees Biig Piig provide an introduction to the jazzy cut before the Dublin rapper interjects with lovesick lyricism.

It comes after Kojaque debuted ‘Shmelly on COLORs and recently shared the video for the title track ‘Town’s Dead’.

Speaking on the new track Kojaque said ‘Wickid Tongues’ is about “falling too deeply in love with someone a little too fast, and how that can play with your head and make you paranoid. It can be quite hard to build trust early on in any relationship, if you’re not careful I feel it’s easy for your thoughts to run away with you and you become suspicious when there might not be anything wrong.”

Listen to ‘Wickid Tongues’ below:

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