Music / April 30, 2021

Listen to Jehnova and lod’s new mixtape ‘Avenoir’

Photo Credit: Niko Salvino
Music / April 30, 2021

Listen to Jehnova and lod’s new mixtape ‘Avenoir’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The Nuxsense spitter has teamed up with the producer for a laidback lo-fi affair.

Based on an obsession with the concept of movement, Jehnova and lod’s new mixtape Avenoir is a lo-fi rap masterclass.

Crafted entirely in lockdown, the crackling samples and sharp lyricism came together remotely in the midst of lockdown. You’d be forgiven for expecting a completely remote collaboration for sounding clinical or devoid of soul, but the pair’s joint effort is littered with introspective moments and emotive instrumentation that provides food for thought in the face of lockdown brain fog.

Speaking on ‘ressa’ producer lod said, “This beat is probably my favourite on the album… And it’s also the
one that took the least amount of time. The sample chops just came together super quick. I wanted to try and make this super gritty but, in a way, laidback groove that the two boys could glide over. My SP-404 played a big part here.”

“Avenoir is a really special project to me, it’s my first time fully producing a project with
an artist and it couldn’t have been done with a better guy than Owam (Jehnova).”

“It felt like we were both in a similar space at the time and the whole world all felt a bit
upside down so creating something meaningful to us felt really important. Our conversations
were a big source of inspiration when making tracks, it was key to know we were both on the
same page so that my beats matched his energy when writing and vice versa”.

It lands via andfriends Records. Listen to Avenoir below:

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