General News / June 3, 2020

Minding Creative Minds: A free 24/7 wellbeing support programme for Irish music sector

General News / June 3, 2020

Minding Creative Minds: A free 24/7 wellbeing support programme for Irish music sector

In a welcome move, MCM provides support for the emotional well-being of those in the music industry.

This week Minding Creative Minds launched.  It’s free 24/7 wellbeing support programme for the Irish Music Sector, delivered by Spectrum Life and the first of its kind in Ireland.

The initial phase for the new entity goes live for musicians, songwriters, artist managers and event production crew. It will provide access to the following services:

  • 24/7 Dedicated Phone Line (Phone 1800 814 244) (Calling from NI – 0800   0903677)
  • Counselling Service (Short term intervention / Up to 6 Sessions)
  • Telephone Counselling 
  • Secure Video Counselling
  • Extensive Web Portal & App enabling live chat function with a counsellor   

Additionally MCM will provide:

  • Advice on practical, day-to-day issues that cause anxiety and stress
  • Legal assistance for a range of issues
  • Financial assistance and consumer advice
  • Career guidance and life coaching
  • Support for non-Irish nationals and their families
  • Mediation for conflict resolution

Moving ahead its original plans to launch this summer, MCM is responding to the devastating impact the current pandemic is having on the mental health of so many in the music sector.

This programme is open to musicians, songwriters, artist managers & event production crew in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Approximately 20,000 people in the music sector in Ireland (including Northern Ireland) are eligible to access these services.

Co-founder and organiser of the RTÉ Choice Music Prize David Reid came up with the new well-being support programme and said, “We are delighted to launch this critical support programme that will give musicians, songwriters, artist managers & event production crew the opportunity to mind their mental wellbeing and be able to contact qualified counsellors and experts in different fields such as financial planning, legal and career matters enabling expert advice and helping to manage personal issues they might be facing.”

“Working in collaboration with our partner organisations we can now provide a credible support structure for this sector. We look forward to extending this programme within the Irish music Industry and to enable this service to be available to the entire Irish Creative Community in due course.”

The Minding Creative Minds programme partner is Spectrum Life. Spectrum Life has a network of 480 counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists and also provides EAP services for companies like Vodafone, Amazon, and Laya Healthcare.

Last year First Fortnight conducted a comprehensive survey (1391 respondents) amongst the music & creative community in relation to mental health and the responses were stark and align with worldwide research. 91% of respondents said that they had experienced anxiety/depression/mental ill health and 95% said that there was a need for a dedicated mental wellbeing support programme for members of the Irish Music & Creative Community.

Click here for their website and more information.