General News / April 5, 2017

noGood shares new video for ‘Are You There?’ directed by Carrot Gold

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General News / April 5, 2017

noGood shares new video for ‘Are You There?’ directed by Carrot Gold

noGood is part of Irish hip hop duo NEOMADiC, who we can now confirm will perform live at our third birthday secret manor party as our special guests.


Taken from the forthcoming ‘Admired From Afar’ EP out on April 22, Dublin-based rapper and producer noGood has released a new video, shot by Carrot Gold Enterprises.

To celebrate the launch of the video, we’re happy to announce he and fellow NEOMADiC member Dyrmaid will perform live at our BYOB third birthday party in a private manor on Good Friday April 14. Click here for tickets.

Check out a brief Q&A with noGood below about the new video.

What’s the concept behind the track?

Pretty much me on a night out, legging it home, getting the munchies and then making a late trip to one of the Spätkaufs (late night shops) around my area when I was living in Berlin for just over year in 2015/16.

Trying to reflect on my thoughts in the early AM, so all the lyrics are scattered and half-baked almost. It’s just my mind racing from thought to thought and me instantly forgetting while I’m floating about Berlin and my room. For the upcoming EP it’s loosely like a sunrise to sunset type of short story.

‘Are You There?’ is the fifth track on it and the concept might make a little more sense once you hear the whole project, but for now it’s just me trekking around Berlin.

How did you get working with the elusive Carrot Gold Enterprises?

I’m a big fan of all of Carrot Gold work, they’ve done some sick stuff with the likes of Dah Jevu and HUVA, so I got in touch with the EP, and ‘Are You There?’ was the track that inspired them the most and so we started planning a video for that one.

I didn’t really have a plan on what song to do a video for or anything, I just let him/them do their thing while I did mine.

Is it strange to do a solo track, or was it still a team effort?

Not at all because I was doing solo stuff way before NEOMADiC. Me and Dyrmaid are really tight and were in the same school together when I moved to Maynooth from South Africa in 2010. He saw me messing around with rap and it sort of inspired him to try it out as well, so for a long time we weren’t releasing as NEOMADiC it was just going down as us featuring on each other’s tracks until we realised we had great chemistry and then NEOMADiC started taking shape.

Are you guys planning on doing much separate work as well as NEOMADiC projects?

Yeah I have a couple solo projects wrapped up and D is working on one at the moment. But after the ‘Admired From Afar’ EP drops on April 22 the next project will be NEOMADiC and it’ll be a full mixtape with over 40 minutes of good shit.

So we plan to alternate between solo releases and NEOMADiC releases over the year, but it’s still all under NEOMADiC at the end of the day.

You’ve been playing live a lot lately, what’s Dublin’s live hip hop scene been like recently?

It’s been great so far, especially in 2017. Your No Love Lost show was one of our favourite gigs, alongside playing at Electric Picnic last year. There are loads of artists really doing their thing at the moment, and its great to see. I’m enjoying what guys like Bobby Basil, Kojaque and Jafaris are doing at the moment, just to name a few. And of course Hare Squead are really taking off.