General News / June 19, 2019

Our 5 favourite Irish Boiler Room sets so far

General News / June 19, 2019

Our 5 favourite Irish Boiler Room sets so far

After another rowdy weekend at AVA Festival, the Boiler Room crew announced earlier this month that they’re not done with Ireland yet…


Higher Vision are bringing Boiler Room Ireland to the festival, “with the mission of highlighting the abundance of homegrown talent coming from the island”.

Rising global house DJ and producer KETTAMA, Monom Black-released and Irish techno posterboy Tommy Holohan, Subject and District 8 favourite Cailín, GASH Collective boss and Boiler Room veteran ELLLL, AVA Emerging Producer 2018 DART and Henry Street Music signee George Feely will all jump behind the decks on the famous streaming site.

In the run up to Higher Vision in Navan Racecourse on June 29, we look at some of the best sets that have already happened on the emerald isle. It’s in no particular order either, before you start moaning.

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Or:la, Belfast [2017]

“She’s about to fucking bring it, I’m sure of it”, and good lord, wasn’t he right? Or:la’s set was full to the brim with memorable moments, culminating in something close to mayhem towards the end. This set also made one particular dancer with sunglasses and an excellent shirt something of a Boiler Room cult hero…

Sunil Sharpe, Dublin [2016]

As usual, not a hint of nonsense about Sunil Sharpe’s set in Dublin’s Hangar back in 2016, as he proves not for the first time why he’s considered by many to be the best DJ this country has produced.

New Jackson (Live), Dublin [2015]

Probably the cosiest of all the Irish Boiler Room sessions, this one took place in Generator Hostel in Smithfield and David Kitt, aka New Jackson, closed out the event with a live set.

ELLL (Live), Dublin [2016]

Perhaps not what Irish Boiler Room fans would have expected from a set, but ELLLL isn’t a fan of convention. Her rolling live set was hypnotising and beautifully jarring.

Space Dimension Controller, Belfast [2017]

Well, come on. We couldn’t leave this one out, could we? 42 minutes into this is one of the best Boiler Room moments of all time.

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