General News / March 6, 2020

Pat Lagoon asks for considered thinking on ‘Take Time’

General News / March 6, 2020

Pat Lagoon asks for considered thinking on ‘Take Time’

The goon has linked up with Cxdy for a short and snappy new single.

Waterford’s Pat Lagoon is a mainstay of the hip hop scene in Ireland at this point.

Having made his name with early trap bangers like ‘Shining’ and ‘Reason’, the goon has shown impressive versatility in recent months with ‘Let Loose‘ and ‘Nova’ taking on distinctly different styles.

The Anomaly collective member has taken a more melodic and thoughtful approach to his latest effort ‘Take Time’, while staying true to the 808 heavy production that initially drew attention to the spitter.

The subtle strings and running hi-hats create a solid foundation for Pat’s reflective lyricism, as he takes a step back when assessing potential romance.

On the track Pat said, Take Time is a song written and recorded by myself and composed and produced by Cody Rounds better known as Cxdy of the ever growing Internet Money label.” 

“This song brings subtle moods and catchy hooks, the song symbolises the lust between two people and how one wants to show the other what it could be like venturing around with someone they ‘think’ they know but really have no clue about.” 

Take Time Cover

Take Timeis track number four on my upcoming EP, it was crazy how the track came about. I saw a message request from Cxdy saying “Let’s work”. It was kind of surreal as I’ve spent most of the summer learning about Internet Money and listening to beats and tracks produced by that collective, so for Cxdy to hit me up all the way from US before signing to IM was crazy for me. The instrumental just hit different and the writing process was very smooth, it’s probably one of my favourite tracks I have made to this day.” 

‘Take Time’ is Pat Lagoon’s second track of the new decade following the release of ‘Smooth With It‘.

Listen to ‘Take Time’ below: