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Music / December 18, 2020

Pilau release their first EP, ‘Clean Work’

Photo: Pilau
Music / December 18, 2020

Pilau release their first EP, ‘Clean Work’

Words: Katie Gartland

‘Clean work’ will have you buzzing for a night out next year.

Pilau have dropped their first EP ‘Clean Work’ today. Pilau are a Dublin based alternative and electronic trio made up of David Bridgeman, Cormac O’Faharta and John Phelan.

The group was established earlier this year when Ireland went into its first lockdown in March. They started playing and creating music together after finding themselves with extra free time. After doing a vibey remix of Foal’s ‘Wash Off’, the track was shared by Foals and the lads were inspired to create more music.

Foals Tweeted about the group’s remix in July:

Working together throughout 2020 led Pilau to create ‘Clean Work’, a product of a year at home. The ep’s first single, ‘Glistening Seal’, was released last week. Their main musical influences include Bicep, Moderat, Octo Octa and George Fitzgerald. However, they also took musical techniques and inflections from R&B and are big fans of Sza and Frank Ocean.

Speaking about the release, they said that they were excited “that we were able to make something we are proud of during a worldwide pandemic and make something positive and productive out of a bad situation”.

Listen to ‘Clean Work’ here: