General News / September 21, 2017

Plans in place for a new North Dublin cultural quarter

General News / September 21, 2017

Plans in place for a new North Dublin cultural quarter

Dublin City University has enlisted the help of prominent cultural figures like Philip King, the founder of Other Voices, to help create the cultural quarter.


According to a report in The Irish Times, DCU are implementing a plan to turn the surrounding North Dublin area of their campus into a beacon of creativity and culture.

It’s five-year overall development plan, but this aspect is “to place a greater emphasis on culture and creativity in a college traditionally associated with science and technology”.

The initiative was launched on yesterday, and DCU president Brian MacCraith said the plan is “a broadening of emphasis”.

“We’re looking at the intersection of STEM [science, technology, engineering an maths] and creative, performing arts. There is a rich vein of innovation that happens here.

“Through our focus on a unique DCU learning experience, we will develop graduates who are resilient and accomplished, open and self-aware, innovative and adaptable.

“Our prioritisation of sustainability as a key theme reflects our commitment to address a critical, global challenge. In short, our ambition is to be purposefully different by consistently pursuing excellence.”

Also at the launch was Minister for Education Richard Bruton who said, “With new campuses, a new faculty of education, an expanded disciplinary profile and significant growth in student numbers, DCU is in a strong position to reinforce its reputation as a university of major significance both in Ireland and internationally.”

The founder of influential and popular event and TV series Other Voices, Philip King, has been brought in to curate a series of events on campus.

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