General News / January 29, 2017

Premiere: Clockwork Collective – By-Product Compilation

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General News / January 29, 2017

Premiere: Clockwork Collective – By-Product Compilation

We’re happy to present the premiere of Clockwork Collective’s newest compilation.


‘By-Product’ is is their third compilation and is “90s boom bap Hip Hop inspired”, with tracks from producers from Ireland and all around the world.

We had a quick chat with the crew to chat about the new release, which you can hear below.

So what is Clockwork, and what are your aims as a collective?

Clockwork Dublin is a collective of producers and musicians based in Ireland. We came together as friends and created a label to share out music, play shows and highlight the rising talent in the Irish Hip Hop scene.

Our aims are ever changing, but we simply want to express ourselves musically an connect with like minded people both nationally and internationally.

Why is Hip Hop such an important genre to you?

Every aspect of Hip Hop music and culture is crucial in its own right. From the musical side of the productions and lyricism, be it old school Boom Bap or newer Trappy stuff, to the fashion and influence it’s had on our generation.

How do you see the landscape of Hip Hop right now?

In Ireland right now, the Hip Hop scene is stronger than ever. We have amazingly unique and creative crews like Souletiquette, Soft Boy and Word Up to name but a few.

Also, a lot of crazy talented rappers like Jafaris, Sam Ojo, Kojaque, Bobby Basil and loads more on the horizon. To start on the list of producers would take forever, but we would definitely like to mention the talents of Jar Jar Jr and Nxstalgic_ out of Cork and of course the Clockwork Crew.

The scene in Ireland is bubbling and we feel it’s only a matter of time before these creative minds start connecting and bringing more attention to the culture developing here.

Internationally, Hip Hop is as strong as ever with people like Kendrick, Anderson .Paak, Flying Lotus and Knxwledge providing steady inspiration to others. Hip Hop is always evolving and it’s beautiful seeing all the new artists filtering through with new ideas.

Click here to buy the compilation ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp.