General News / October 3, 2019

Premiere: Sober Seven links with Hare Squead’s Lilo Blues for ‘Fabulous’

General News / October 3, 2019

Premiere: Sober Seven links with Hare Squead’s Lilo Blues for ‘Fabulous’

 “I’ve had time to work on my craft and going solo was a big transition, I’ve taken time to figure out what I want to say and now I’m ready to let everyone hear it.”

This month saw Hovay, formerly one member of Hendrick Lane release his debut single and now the group’s other half, Sober Seven has shared his first solo effort.

Recruiting Yu Yaj and Hare Squead‘s Lilo Blues for the infectious cut, there’s an abundance of natural chemistry throughout the pop-tinged track.

On the track Sober Seven said, “Initially it was a different song completely coming from an idea Lilo had, so before I moved to London we went and made a new beat and headed to the studio in Dublin.”

“Me and Lilo flow together so crazy, that was our very first proper session and the way we write, we can almost finish each others sentences it’s weird. Lilo is super talented in terms of melody and instrumentation and he produced most of the song too.”

Sober Seven, Lilo Blues Fabulous Cover (1)

Opening up on what they would do for their loved ones, the trio flow effortlessly on a minimalist instrumental that provides ample room to showcase their skills.

“We wanted to glorify women, beautiful women we had in our lives at that time. It’s really personal, we say how we feel about people close to us and now we have the chance to share it with everyone.”

Yu Yaj is a relatively unknown commodity, but he brings a catchy guest verse to the collaboration and Sober Seven suggests 2020 will be a big year for him.

“Keep an eye out for Yu Yaj, he bodied his verse and did the production on his part too.”

Fabulous is released Friday 4 October on all streaming platforms.

Exclusive early listen of ‘Fabulous’ below:

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Photo Credits: Tony Konstone.