General News / July 20, 2017

Premiere: Spudgun – ‘Crayons’

General News / July 20, 2017

Premiere: Spudgun – ‘Crayons’

“We’ll be dealing a few easy singles (Dairy-Free™) ’round the back of Spotify in the next few months.”


As I documented in an interview with Spudgun back in November, the band crash-landed their spaceship in Dublin about a year ago.

They combine their blend of psychedelic-jazz-electro-funk-rock (space goo) with tales from the depths of the universe.

The extra-terrestrial group have just released a brand new video for ‘Crayons’, so I caught up with the band again to find out what it’s all about…

So what’s the song all about?

The song is about inheriting the mind of a distant relative. You start texting his wife and realise you both have a lot in common.

You finally pluck up the courage to ask her out for an ice cream and when get there you realise she’s just a metaphor for gentrification. Repeal the 8th.

Tell me about the video…

The video is a collaboration with the friendly and talented Eoin Mulligan. He’s been with us since the start of our journey and has skilfully documented our interaction with the creatures of earth. It was intended to be a collage of our performances, but there was some parallel-universe interference when we tried to broadcast it, so it also contains these strange clips of people who look like us eating rubbish.

Anything coming up in the next while?

You’ll be coming up in the next few minutes, because we know what you’ve been up to, and we spiked your flat white.

We’re also playing the Original Penguin Stage on the Saturday of Castlepalooza and will be down at Electric Picnic. Leonardo DiCaprio is moving to Galway soon and he owes us an oily favor so we sent him a call me and he has free 085’s. He’ll be coming to our show on August 24 in The Quays, Galway.

And… We’ll be dealing a few easy singles (Dairy-Free™) ’round the back of Spotify in the next few months.

When am I going to come down?!



Thanks for having us.