Music / December 9, 2020

Pusha T says his next album is produced by Kanye & The Neptunes

Music / December 9, 2020

Pusha T says his next album is produced by Kanye & The Neptunes

Words: Dylan Murphy

Pusha T revealed details of his upcoming album on IG Live last night.

The early 2000s saw The Neptunes rise to prominence with a relentless string of collaborations that helped solidify their status as genuine hitmakers. Working with the likes Kelis and Clipse on their early work they helped launch their careers. Following their work in the realm of hip hop, they brought their trademark beats to the charts and diversified the sound of pop with the likes of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake linking up frequently with the production duo.

Since then, Pharrell and Chad Hugo have maintained a strong relationship with many of the acts they’ve collaborated with. Pusha T from Clipse has routinely made music with the pair since his early days and he hopped on IG Live with some exciting news about his upcoming album.

Speaking to Steven Victor on RapCaviar‘s Instagram the head of G.O.O.D Music said:

“To be honest with y’all, I haven’t put any features on the album yet,” Pusha admitted.

“They wanna know about production,” Victor replied, “They don’t care about the features.”

Listen as of right now, it’s only Ye and Pharrell and The Neptunes. That’s it.

Pusha T hasn’t released solo music in 2020, likely due to the ongoing circumstances in the world, however, he did provide a guest verse on Black Thought’s track ‘Good Morning’ alongside Killer Mike. He hasn’t given a release date for the new album or a name yet, but it looks to be shaping up nicely. Here’s hoping for more news soon.

Kanye produced Pusha’s 2018 album Daytona and The Neptunes have worked on classic hits such as ‘Grindin’.

Watch the video shared on Twitter by RapCaviar below:

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