General News / April 21, 2020

Quick-fire questions: Baths

General News / April 21, 2020

Quick-fire questions: Baths

“You should never slow or diminish a person’s artistic experimentation.”

Will Wiesenfeld aka Baths has been routinely creating emotive and self-sufficient records for a number of years now. The LA native taught himself to play a number instruments, giving him full creative control over his output, with even a cursory glance at his discography quickly illustrating his knack for blending live instrumentation with intricate clicks and otherwordly vibrations.

His output is somewhat like a patchwork quilt, tying together distinctly different sounds and textures, whilst providing a warm and vibrant feeling of comfort.

Careful with what he lets see the light of day Baths is releasing ‘Pop Music / False B-Sides II’ on his new label Basement’s Basement on May 29. It contains a dozen renewed ideas and sketches finally colorized, ready to be shared with the world after some cosmetic surgery.

His latest offering ‘Mikaela Corridor’ is timely, with the video providing some much needed humour to calm those quarantine nerves. Directed by Dan Streit it has the main character confiding in his trusty feline companion before being hijacked by the local neighbourhood hype beasts. Heading out on a what can only be described as streetwear aficionados answer to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Ahead of the release of ‘Pop Music / False-B Sides I’ (which will be available on vinyl May 29) we spoke to Baths to see what makes the production maestro tick.

You are fighting in the octagon, what song do you walk out to ?
“S.O.L.” off Freermasonry by Wold

What fact about you would surprise people?
I don’t drink or do any drugs.

What does retirement look like for you in the future?
Casual group sex with older men.

What is your morning ritual?
Large Iced Tea (Oolong when I can get it) and an episode or two of anime.

What movie / video game has the best soundtrack?
Wip3out, Doom (2016 + Eternal), Katamari Damacy, Thumper

Finish this sentence: You should never __________
Slow or diminish a person’s artistic experimentation.

What is essential to have with you in the studio?
A fast and relatively empty computer. Sparkling Water.

What is the last thing you watched on netflix/youtube/tv?

What are you addicted to ?
Gay Illustration

You have your own talk show, who is your first guest?
My brother John (we already have a dumbass podcast together lol)

You are headlining Glastonbury, what are your most outrageous rider requests?
Sparkling water and towels. Maybe a masseur.

The first album you bought?
Digimortal by Fear Factory or Stunt by Barenaked Ladies, I can’t remember which I actually paid for.

You can choose one artist to head up the government and subsequently save the country, who is it?
Cardi B

You can rock the stage with any act past or present, who are you choosing?
Kate Bush except more writhing and vapor, less rocking.

What is your pet hate?
Sweating or smelling bad when I’m not exercising.

Listen to Baths’ new single ‘Mikaela Corridor’ below:


Photography: Jane Kilcullen