General News / January 13, 2020

Quick-fire questions: CBAKL

General News / January 13, 2020

Quick-fire questions: CBAKL

CBAKL explains potentially the best political collaboration of all time, what he has on his rider and tells us about his famous family members.

CBAKL is arguably one of the most talented young artists coming out of Ireland. Last year the Portrush production maestro dropped his album ‘Wisdom is Misery’ to widespread acclaim and followed it up with a number of singles and collaborations. His most recent was a tasty collaboration with UK spitter Looms. and he’s managed all this whilst growing his collective Class Craic Records.

Whether you are a fan of lo-fi sounds and dusty percussion or a house head with a love for sample based records CBAKL has you covered.

Ahead of what will potentially be a massive year for him, he stopped by to answer some quick-fire questions and give an insight into the man behind the beats.

You are fighting in the octagon, what song do you walk out to ?
CLBRKS – 1000mps

What fact about you would surprise people?
I have a cousin that’s an actress, she’s the main girl in ‘The Golden Compass’ & was in ‘Skins’.

What does retirement look like for you in the future?
Passive Income & Living in The Pelion.


What is your morning ritual?
Wake up at 6, cold shower, make beats/go to work.

What movie / video game has the best soundtrack?
Movie: Reservoir Dogs.
Game: Fallout 3.

Finish this sentence: You should never ________
Stop Creating.

What is essential to have with you in the studio?

What is the last thing you watched on netflix/youtube/tv?
Mad Men, my dad’s always telling me to watch it so I’ve finally started, it’s slow paced but probably the best show I’ve watched in years!

What are you addicted to ?
Music & convincing myself Everton will win a trophy in my lifetime. (not holding my breath though!)

You have your own talk show, who is your first guest?
Larry David.

You are headlining Glastonbury, what are your most outrageous rider requests?
All you can eat curry chip & Hennessey stand.

The first album you bought?
J Dilla – Donuts

You can choose one artist to head up the government and subsequently save the country, who is it?
Blindboy with Nealo as his number 2, imagine the money that would get pumped into the Irish music scene!

You can rock the stage with any act past or present, who are you choosing?
Capital STEEZ without a doubt.

What is your pet hate?
People who sample snitch.

Photography: Lacuna// Mark Ferguson