General News / March 6, 2020

Quick-fire questions: Kitt Philippa

General News / March 6, 2020

Quick-fire questions: Kitt Philippa

Armagh native Kitt Philippa is performing at St. Patricks Festival this year and ahead of the celebrations we caught up for a snappy Q&A.

Having been championed by Radio 1’s Phill Taggart, Kitt Philippa’s stock has been steadily rising following the release of their album ‘Human’ last year. Despite their classical education Kitt brings a thoroughly emotive and modern approach to everything they touch.

Blending elements of electronic, folk and soul their single ‘Human’ exemplifies their soft and forgiving sound.

Ahead of thier performance at St. Patrick’s Day festival we chatted to Kitt Phillippa.

  1. You are fighting in the octagon, what song do you walk out to?

(Unlikely, but hypothetically): Tyler, the Creator: IGOR’S THEME.

  1. What fact about you would surprise people

It’s hard to know. I like sports; I’ve been to Wimbledon several times…

  1. What does retirement look like for you in the future?  

I don’t actively differentiate about phases of life as none of us know our time frames; I don’t think one of my Grandpas reached retirement, the other used the time to continue creating masterpieces out of wood – his passion.

  1. What is your morning ritual? 

At the moment I stretch; put on the kettle; once it has finished, do some music-related options; respond to messages / emails. Search #longdog on Instagram, if required.

  1. What movie / video game has the best soundtrack? 

That’s hard to specify – John Williams and Howard Shore are great – but Hans Zimmer’s Blue Planet II (if you’ll accept television) is pretty incredible; Radiohead were involved for a track, too.

  1. Finish this sentence: You should never __________ 

‘deliberately hurt people or animals’ could apply here.

  1. What is essential to have with you in the studio? 

Water and warmth.

  1. What is the last thing you watched on netflix/youtube/tv


  1. What are you addicted to? 

Probably caffeine, unfortunately. 

10. You have your own talk show, who is your first guest?

Perhaps someone from the Samaritans. I think it would be good to have some human visual representation. Talk that’s real, but promotes hope; we all have stories. 

11. You are headlining Glastonbury, what are your most outrageous rider requests? 

A backstage visit from a whippet or borzoi would be appreciated. 

12. The first album you bought? 

The first one was co-bought, for my mum I think; Queen’s Greatest Hits. Damien Rice, Jamie Cullum and Coldplay were some of my early purchases.

13. You can choose one artist to head up the government and subsequently save the country, who is it? 

I’d say Hozier would be a good call. 

Kitt Philippa Live2

14. You can rock the stage with any act past or present, who are you choosing? 

Jeff Buckley.

15. What is your pet hate?​

Well – nothing to do with pets and I try to not be so strong in my emotions but – hand-dryers seem to be an unnecessary source of noise pollution. So essentially, them turning on.

Kitt Philippa performs with Dublin Gospel Choir at the Pepper Canister Church on Monday March 16 and Tuesday March 17 at 20.00 as part of St. Patrick’s Festival 2020.

Tickets are €20 and can be found here.