General News / October 14, 2019

Quick-Fire Questions: Pat Lagoon

General News / October 14, 2019

Quick-Fire Questions: Pat Lagoon

The Goon chats about a standout year, who he’d rock the stage with and pre-show lasagne.

Waterford’s Pat Lagoon has made a name for himself in the Irish rap scene for his relentless release schedule and stellar collaborative efforts with the likes of RikShaw and more recently BOYW1DR.

Having supported Token and nailing a few festival slots this Summer, the wheels of his music career are well and truly in motion.

Coming into the final months of a standout year for the Anomaly Sphere member, we caught up with The Goon and shot him some quick-fire questions to get his thoughts on his journey so far.

Where’d the name come from?

I wanted to be “Pat the Goon” and felt like “Pat le Goon” just didn’t cut it so I went with Pat Lagoon.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t listened yet?

I think my music is easy on the ears, I feel you don’t need to be a rap fan to enjoy it and people can gravitate to it very easily from all age groups.

You can rock the stage with any act past or present, who you choosing?

Mac Miller definitely! The way he can do real rap shit like boom-bap then switching to trap and then having that groove/bop too. I think it would be a mad jam between us . RIP.

Whose music are you listening to at the moment?

Majid Jordan,Iann Dior, 88Glam, D-Block Europe a weird mix of the Canadian scene and UK.

How has 2019 treated you so far?

It’s been going really good, I’ve got four Dublin gigs under my belt this year. I got a support slot for Token’s sold out Dublin show. I was invited to play two small festivals which was really cool and got two music videos released which was all on my goals for 2019. I feel I’ve been going from strength to strength and It’s starting to look good for me. I’m enjoying it.

Something people don’t know about you?

I study a computing course not a music course or sports, that’s what always gets people confused. 

You can choose one Irish artist to head up the Irish government and subsequently save the country, who is it?

Nealo definitely, that guy has a masters in law I think. He could do it no question. Big up Clonsilla.

Outside of music what do you spend your time doing?

Keeping up with my college work and helping my younger brother with his football career just making sure he stays motivated and stuff.

You are playing the 3arena and they ask your rider requests, what are you having?

Peach Flavour Ice Tea for a fact, 12 Pack of Club orange, Home-made Lasagne,Slab of Heineken for the guys haha.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Working on my EP for 2020 and knuckling down on a few guest features.