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General News / September 13, 2019

Rebel P & Marcus Woods share ‘Global Warming’

General News / September 13, 2019

Rebel P & Marcus Woods share ‘Global Warming’

Rebel Phoenix & Marcus Woods bridge the generational gap with an expert blend of their distinct styles.

Given some of their previous projects, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a Marcus Woods and Rebel Phoenix link up is an odd collaboration.

However on ‘Global Warming’ the duo have hit the sweet spot between Rebel’s rapid fire flow and Marcus’ spacey production, resulting in one of the best collaborative efforts to come out of Ireland in 2019.

There’s a level of sonic and thematic consistency coupled with a clear attempt to develop Rebel’s musical repertoire that has subsequently provided an EP of forward facing bangers a level above his previous output.

Enlisting only one other feature; A shrewd verse from Mango that complements a thumping instrumental on ‘Heatwaves’, the project fulfils the promise of unrelenting energy hinted in lead single ‘Sungazing‘.

On the project Marcus said, “We were pretty drunk just chatting about collaborating, but we ended up continuing with the idea at the end of last year and I’ve spent the last few months sending over tracks and making the project,” he explains. “I’m really grateful to be working with him considering he’s been at this since I was a kid, he’s walked so this new generation of Irish rappers can run.”

With this project they have proven their pedigree as a pair, providing no nonsense heaters to place the project into Irish hip hop projects of the year discussion as we move into the last quarter of 2019.

Hopefully the first of many joint ventures from Rebel Phoenix & Burner Record’s Marcus Woods.

Listen below: