Food / August 13, 2021

Smithfield just got a brand new speciality coffee shop

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Food / August 13, 2021

Smithfield just got a brand new speciality coffee shop

Words: Emily Mullen

A Stór is born

The brainchild of Andrew and Jack, who have combined two diverse backgrounds to form A Stór coffee. Jack has been working in speciality coffee for the last six years in a few different cities – from NYC, Santa Cruz, Utrecht, while Andrew comes from a design background, and took care of all the branding side of things.

Andrew and Jack have been planning on creating a space for years but they told us that they “hadn’t been ready to pull the trigger until now.”

The space which is located in Soup 2’s spot in King Street North, came about through a conversation with the ramen bar’s co-owner Will Shannon a few months back. “We shared a lot of values and had similar ideas on how we would like a space to be, with a focus on something being mixed-use. Working with them has been amazing!” the team said.

The name A Stór came about through the team always wishing to “push the cúpla focail whenever we can” despite neither team members being fluent they’ve said, “we do our best!”.

The name which means “my treasure” was chosen because of its “cute and playful” connotations and to “avoid the aggressive minimalism that seems to be prevalent in the Irish speciality coffee scene, in both the name and the general vibe.”

Working with as many Irish suppliers as possible, A Stór use Fairview-based Upside Coffee for their house espresso and Belfast-based Bailies Coffee first filter. The team have plans to “continually grow and rotate the filter menu over time”.

You can find A Stór on 44-47 King Street North in Smithfield and they are open from Tuesday to Saturday 8am-4pm, follow them on Instagram for more information.

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