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Music / August 11, 2021

Soulé is ready to take on the charts with ‘Queenish’

Via @souleofficial Instagram
Music / August 11, 2021

Soulé is ready to take on the charts with ‘Queenish’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The singer is back with her first single in nearly two years.

It’s been a minute since Soulé’s last single, but today she’s returned with ‘Queenish’ and it’s been worth the wait.

The Balbriggan singer has taken her time with new music since the beginning of the pandemic and having dominated the airwaves in 2019 with her Love Island-synced ‘Love Tonight’ the expectation was that her next single would be another anthem. She’s delivered with the dance-inducing ‘Queenish’ and simultaneously reaffirmed her status as one of Ireland’s most exciting pop stars.

Speaking on Instagram about the colour palette around her new single Soulé said, “The colour orange represents warmth and excitement. After ‘Love Tonight’ I wanted to keep the theme of having a colour go hand in hand with my songs.”

Continuing the Diffusion Lab artist explained more about the new track saying, “The song is about being a boss independent powerful woman. All these things describe my mom. She was the inspiration for this song”.

Listen to ‘Queenish’ below:

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