General News / August 31, 2017

The Irish top 20 chart: August 2017

General News / August 31, 2017

The Irish top 20 chart: August 2017

Another four weeks of top quality homegrown music…


This month’s list has some quality remixes, hip hop, from experimental to boom bap, soul and more.

Check it out below.

20. 7th Obi – Tropicana

Northampton-based, Waterford rapper 7th Obi kicks off the chart this month with a new track called ‘Tropicana’. It’s been a while since he released new music, but it’s worth the wait as he links up with NUXSENSE producer Sivv this time around.

He’s also promised that it won’t be so long until new material comes along. Eyes peeled.

19. Erica Cody – Addicted

A statement of intent from up and coming vocalist Erica Cody who seems destined for great things. She’s been doing the live circuit over the past year or so, and it seems she’s now ready to kick it up a notch.

National radio play seems inevitable.

18. Skripteh – Old Days

Skripteh released a new EP earlier this month, recruiting Red The Future for technical duties.

“It took 6 months to finish, and I’m proud to say the ‘Instinct’ EP is 100 per cent complete…”

The track ‘Old Days’ is in this month’s chart.

17. Loud Motive – July 16th feat. Loah

Loud Motive have a diverse sound and background, “Nigeria to Leixlip, The Congo to Lucan, Angola to Tallaght” to be exact.

‘July 16th’ is their latest track, recorded at a gaff while they have a few beverages and watch some football and play Fifa.

Additional vocals on the track come from Loah, with co-production from Chris Kabs.

16. Barq – Optimus Prime

Barq, led by vocalist Jess Kav, released a new video for ‘Optimus Prime’ only this week.

Check out the futuristic, neon video below.

15. Bantum – Feel Your Rhythm feat. Rusangano Family & Senita (Daithi Remix)

Late last year Bantum shared  his album ‘Move’ and it featured a selection of top notch collaborators like R.S.A.G, Owensie and Loah. It also featured a stand out track with Rusangano Family and Senita called ‘Feel Your Rhythm’.

Now another talented name in Irish production takes on the track, as Daithi released his rework of it this month.

14. Costello – Land Of Saints & Scholars

On his latest track, taken from his forthcoming album, he uses vocals from his close friend and fellow Irish hip hop trailblazer Lunitic, who tragically passed away in 2009 from natural causes.

Costello also recruited stalwart producer G.I. for this track, another artist who regularly pays respect to his late friend Lunitic.

13. Bonzai – I Feel Alright

A few weeks back Bonzai shared the track ‘I Feel Alright’. The alt-pop track is ready for the radio, while still keeping her original direction firmly in place, partly due to having recruited regular collaborator Mura Masa on production duties.

12. Nonzus Magnus – Tina You Fat Lard

Following on from ‘Mob 100′, his track loosely based on Night Lovell’s ‘Boy Red‘,  Dublin vocalist Nonzus Magnus shared another gem.

We featured ‘Mob 100’ in our July top 20 chart, and we’re glad to see Nonzus isn’t relenting with his releases.

It’s even got Napoleon Dynamite references.

11. MathMan – Alright

MathMan’s been a busy guy of late. Following on from last year’s remix project ‘Redux‘, a collaborative album with The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble entitled ‘Hyp Hop’, and a mixtape called ‘No Bars, No Hooks’ a few months back.

Fresh off the back of his inaugural Beatclub, he returned with his own collection of tracks. ‘Bangers 4 Ca$H’ is available to stream below, with artwork by designer James McGuirk. ‘Alright’ is the track that makes it into this month’s chart.


This month Dublin-based rappers NEOMADiC finally dropped their latest project, ‘THE NEOMADiC TAPE‘, a “culmination of the last 3 years of us developing and figuring out our sound and style”.

They then linked up with long-running collaborators Paperbag Animator for a new video for a track on the tape.

9. James Vincent McMorrow – Pink Salt Lake (Kobina Remix)

Last we heard of Kobina he was slaving away in the studio producing beats for our mixtape series. He put his usual output of dreamy, electronic R&B for one project only. Click here to check that out and download it for free.

He’s now gone back to doing what he does best, massaging your ears with velvety electronica.

8. Fynch – burner.

Being a journalism student and hip hop artist FYNCH obviously has a penchant for the English language.

The Drimnagh rapper this month released the first track off his debut mixtape ‘MIXVAPE’.

“The video was arranged by myself, with absolutely no correlation between Ray Houghton’s goal vs Italy, a Vince Carter dunk over Fred Weis and a man shouting at a shopping centre. However, Pope John Paul II had to go in there, we’re doing it for the youth of Ireland…”

7. Jake Hurley – TV SCREEN

Dublin producer and vocalist Jake Hurley released a new track this week, a follow up to his ‘Cartooniverse‘ mixtape which was released on District Recordings.

“It’s an ode to the TV and how comforting it can be. In keeping with that I wanted to use some references to things that shaped our generation for better or for worse, so I had to shout out the GOATs, Avril Lavigne and Smash Mouth!”

6. Jafaris – If You Love Me

When he has the full backing of the band, it’s a sight to behold seeing him bang this track out on stage, so a video with power was an absolute necessity. Recruiting directors Nathan Barlow (who he previously worked with on ‘Lucid‘) and Cian Hamilton, they’ve pulled no punches.

The track is taken from his EP ‘Velvet Cake’ which he launched back in April. Click here to check that out.

5. pillowman – Hope

The enigma that is pillowman graced the world with another piece of music this month, and it arrives in at number five on the chart this month.

It’s unclear what form pillowman will take next, or if he’ll reappear at all. Just enjoy what he’s left behind.

4. Moving Still – Green Light

We premiered a track by Moving Still called ‘Green Light’, featuring Kid Karate’s Ian McFarlane and vocalist Xona this month.

Listen to it below, mastered by Liam Maher. It’s also a free download.

3. Wyvern Lingo – I Love You, Sadie

A genuine, bonafide pop banger. This is the benchmark for what music in the mainstream charts needs to be filled with.

2. Rusangano Family – ‘Tea In A Pot’

A very late entry to the list, just slipping in with one day left in the month, but right in at number two. It’s more grime-leaning than their previous material, showcasing the talented group’s musical diversity.

“2017 has been good to us, and we wanted to get new music out there,” they explain. “Sometimes we can be a bit precious, but its always good to just drop random bangers here and there.”

1. Henry Earnest – Good Day

Earlier this month Henry Earnest shared a new track called ‘Good Day’. The release was taken from his forthcoming album ‘When you get Caught Between the Moon and Dublin City’.

The Dublin-based producer Henry Earnest will be releasing the LP on Soft Boy Records, and first came to the attention of the imprint through his work with the band Ro Gang. He also released a solo album called ‘Bowl Cuts’, made under his now defunct moniker Dr. Duloc.