General News / July 17, 2020

The winners and losers of pop culture this week 17/10/20

General News / July 17, 2020

The winners and losers of pop culture this week 17/10/20

2020 is slapping differently and with that comes loads of pop culture winners and losers.

Let’s face it 2020 has been batshit crazy. So much so that Blink-182’s Tom De Longe prompted the Ministry of Defense to confirm UFOs existed and it barely made a scratch on the news cycle.

We’ve seen Kanye announce and then denounce a run for the presidency, a South Korean football team use sex dolls to fill empty stands and all of this has been in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.

With all the goings-on some people come out smelling of roses whilst others will have to humbly take the L.

That’s why we are handpicking the winners and losers in pop culture every week.

This week we saw a young dub go viral with his sausage sambo anthem and a TD fall asleep in the Dáil for the second time in two weeks… sigh.

Move over Action Bronson, Ste Brown is rap’s new culinary wizard.

Yup the yungfella Ste.

Bars colder than a corner shop slushie, Dublin rapper Ste Brown cooked up one for the streets and subsequently went viral on twitter.

Wholesome content alert.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan fell asleep in the Dáil.

*Insert meme about how The Greens sleep knowing they are propping up one of the most unpopular governments in recent memory*

During a vote on a motion giving lower-paid workers a living wage Green Party leader Eamon Ryan fell asleep. He actually had to be woken up to cast his vote.

Eat the government.

England will allow indoor music events from August 1




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The Brits are (that’s right you guessed it) at it again.

Alongside swinging numbers of new COVID-19 cases the UK will likely now have swinging jaws! The Prime Minister of the UK announced that from August 1 indoor music events will be allowed.

Rad: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith discuss marriage breakdown in viral video.

When I first saw this video I believed it was just a cringe and shallow attempt to garner clout online, but the resulting memes have been priceless, therefore I declare this ropey video a winner!

The crying Jordan meme has now been replaced with a Will Smith meme template for the foreseeable future following the decision of one of the planet’s most famous couple to pick apart their marriage break down in a video.

ap_090911089838_sq-3271237f28995f6530d9634ff27228cae88e3440-s800-c85 will

God bless the internet.

Apple wins $13 billion appeal against Irish government


This week the second-highest European court overturned the decision that ensured Apple would repay the Irish Government €13 billion euros in unpaid tax.

That kind of money could single-handedly save every music venue in Ireland, end homelessness and probably nullify the housing crisis.

Although the current government would probably try and add a slippery slide that circles the spire and goes into a turbo white water rafting facility with that money.

Photo: Ste Brown Instagram // Boris: Ben Pruchnie/Getty