Music / May 9, 2024

These Five DJs Are Competing For A Slot At Beyond The Pale

Music / May 9, 2024

These Five DJs Are Competing For A Slot At Beyond The Pale

Eight weeks ago, Cupra announced their “On The Pulse” competition. The campaign saw 300 entrants submit their best DJ sets for a chance at a festival slot and a cash prize. Now we’re seeing the finalists.

Cupra’s “On The Pulse” campaign has seen hundreds of DJs across the country display their sounds and submit their sets for a chance to perform at Beyond The Pale and win €2,500. The final event, showcasing the best of the competition in front of an industry panel, will be held at Tengu on 23 May.

The search for the next generation of selector talent can be muddied by the roadblocks that come with the music industry. The opportunity for breakthrough DJs to play one of Ireland’s leading festivals is invaluable. This prize not only gives a platform to these contestants but lays the foundation for growth with the money to transform a setup.

The lineup for this night at Tengu reflects the diversity of Ireland’s dance music landscape. We’re seeing exciting acts break through the Irish borders and permeate into the global taste. The likes of Kettama, BICEP and Shampain have brought their own unique rhythms to a worldwide audience, but they all started in the homeland.

Brawni, Charlois, RJ The DJ, Cian Bolger and Aldar Agd will take to the decks later this month, spinning 30-minute sets each, spanning everything from afrobeat to dubstep.


Brawni’s sound very much dives into the bassey and acidic. Littered with sample chops and vocal stems, Brawni’s mixes retain an industrial feel whilst still having intervals you feel like you could float on. A producer in his own right, slipping in a few of his own creations would only add to this already signature sound.


Charlois’ elements of hard groove as well as ambience, give it a continental feel that we’ve been seeing permeate into Irish electronic music. Skip to any part of her set and you’ll still have your head bopping.


From industrial DJs to a silkier sound. With elements of classic Detroit house, RJ does not shy away from exotic drum loops and retro sound bites. The type of set to make you feel like you’re on the soul train of the 70s.

Cian Bolger

When you hear that signature Uk Garage bleep, it just send a shiver up the spine. Bassline to bassline, Cian gives us UK-centric sounds, drenched in grime samples, which just leave you shaking your head in approval. This set doesn’t give you a break.

Aldar Agd

If you want a lesson on how to mix acid techno which feels straight from Berlin, look no further. Aldar AGD spins the kind of sets which transport you to some shady repurposed factory in the German capital. Some of the most tasteful selections around, consistently throwing curveballs during his sets.

The contestants will be judged by a panel brimming with Irish nightlife pedigree with Four Four Magazine’s Sam Greenwood, Beyond The Pale Co-Founder Keith Comerford and international Irish DJ Ema, with one leaving with a festival slot and €2,500.

Cupra’s On The Pulse campaign see finalists take to Tengu on 23 May. To get your hands on tickets, head over to the Cupra Instagram to be in with a chance to win some.