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General News / April 16, 2017

This Side Up release a new video for ‘Billy No Mates’

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General News / April 16, 2017

This Side Up release a new video for ‘Billy No Mates’

Irish hip hop group This Side Up have released another video off their debut album, ‘Full Fat’.


The release of ‘Full Fat’ was met with widespread love, from fans of Irish hip hop as well as blogs and magazines. Talking to us about the release, This Side Up say the reaction has been ‘savage’.

“People seem to come back with a mad appreciation once they’ve spent a while listening to the album and soaking up the lyrics. That’s the highest praise for us.”

‘Billy No Mates’ is the next single from the record to get some wonderfully strange This Side Up visuals, which have become something of a signature.

“The song has a brazenly optimistic buzz to it. It’s the group’s most heavily streamed song. It’s a summer number one, but with a dark edge! In it Myster-E and Shaool take on the persona of two of our greatest vices, drugs and money.”

The Sligo hip hop group recruited Gavin Fitzgerald for this video. This Side Up say the visual aspect is important for further establishing what they’re all about.

“It’s been brilliant working with Peter Martin and Gavin Fitzgerald on the visuals as well. The videos get our whole buzz across and get the songs out to people who might not have checked out the album yet. With each video we seem to reach a lot more people.”

This Side Up perform live in The Grand Social on April 22 with t-woc and Bleak Stack. Click here for tickets here.