General News / February 21, 2020

Tracks you should bump today

General News / February 21, 2020

Tracks you should bump today

 A debut track from one of Ireland’s most promising singers, a switch up in style from the young o.g. and more.

New music Friday is here and our ears have been blessed yet again with more musical goodness. If you have an itch for trap bangers that needs scratched or a yearning for soul-cleansing vocals you are in luck.

This week sees April release her debut single, a new signee to Edris Elba’s label, a link-up from Rebel Phoenix and Cornerboy Muzik and loads more. Lock in below.

Rebel Phoenix – Look At Me Now

Rebel P has promised big things for 2020 and he’s started the year off with a banger. Recruiting Cornerboy Muzik for a hypnotic record, the spitter has swapped up his trademark rapid-fire flow for a refreshing and more controlled approach.

Featuring an absolute ear worm hook, it appears Rebel is prioritising replay value while maintaining that lyrical dexterity that initially drew attention to his music.

Brushing off the opposition, the experienced word smith  has his 2020 tunnel vision on lock and is coming for anyone in his way.

Ché Lingo – My Block

‘My Block’ is south-west London spitter Ché Lingo’s first single since signing for Edris Elba’s record label ‘7Wallace’.

It features Ché’s trademark whirlwind flow and emotive delivery and highlights an issue close to his heart.

Describing the story behind the track he said, “This song is dedicated to JULIAN COLE. A young, black, semi-pro football player who suffered brain damage and a broken neck at the hands of police brutality and has still not seen proper justice.”

Tommysee? – F.Y.P.M

Base Life’s C.o.B has been the name on people’s lips recently following his stellar 2019 and recent track with Nealo. However, fellow collective member Tommysee? has dropped a new cut showing he is also a force to be reckoned with.

‘F.Y.P.M’, sees the spitter make honest affirmations and reflect on a difficult past over a murky instrumental. There’s a genuine sincerity throughout that coupled with some sharp lines makes for a thoughtful and emotive track.

EeDdAaYy – 1 Time Feat. Sequence

Rejektz member EeDdAaYy is keeping himself busy in 2020. Having already dropped ‘Cat Food (Let Me Know)’, the spitter has now linked up with New Eire founder Sequence.

‘1 Time’, sees the duo flow over an ethereal instrumental while making clear their desire to secure the bag. The thumping nature of the track makes it perfect mosh pit material in a live setting.

April – The impossible task of feeling complete

The first official release of Kildare native April is here. Having peaked the interest of keen music fans with her scattered releases on Soundcloud and youtube, she’s swapped bedroom pop for a more professional, well-rounded sound in, ‘The Impossible Task of Feeling Complete’.

The soft, meditative nature of the instrumental coupled with April’s soul-cleansing vocals are the perfect ailment to any work-induced stress.

The song title is an apt choice. Despite its beautiful tones and concise approach it finishes abruptly leaving you wanting that little bit more. Almost feeling like a teaser of what’s to come it’s a strong debut single from April.

Photo: @charliecummings