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General News / April 24, 2020

Why-Axis is having a party in pre-quarantine visuals for ‘BLOODSTAIN’

General News / April 24, 2020

Why-Axis is having a party in pre-quarantine visuals for ‘BLOODSTAIN’

Good Buzz Collective’s Why-Axis provides a snapshot of better times in his latest offering.

Following a main stage slot at Longitude in 2019, a stellar new EP and an RTÉ Studio 8 live performance Sean Ryan, aka Why-Axis is back with a bouncy new cut.

Before the pandemic Why-Axis teamed up with rising director Tara O’Callaghan, who was named as one of Dublin’s top five music video directors by Totally Dublin, for immersive visuals.

Providing a genuine vignette into the Capital’s vibrant nightlife, the video sees a crowd of friends hopping on the night bus before letting loose across a packed dance floor.

On the video Why-Axis said, “The main inspiration was to bring people together with this one, I chatted a lot with the Director Tara O’ Callaghan and we thought the best way to do it would be to set up a few real parties with different group friends and just let the nights go the way they were meant to be, each scene in the video is as real as it gets as nothing is really planned or directed but rather just captured.”

WHy-axis bloodstain

“The main message behind the track was really me reflecting on my relationship with a girl and and trying to make things better by making her listen to me jam out and play to the track I’m singing”, he told me.
“I found the name bloodstain fitting because I talk about a night I came back with my clothes all bloodstained in the chorus but I feel that it means more than just a memory but an emotion instead, kind of like a metaphor explaining something that stains you and sticks with you like a scar but then the video brings a different side to it because it has so many different stories going on with different bloodstains of their own but still has everyone coming together and having a good time which I feel the song really helps with as it’s a bit of a boppy, dancy track.”

Watch below:

Photo: Tara Callaghan